About me

Welcome to this space – I’m Valeria, photographer, visual artist, storyteller.

Born in Argentina (LatinAmerica). I lived in Argentina, Spain, Portugal, Switzerland. I’m currently based in Italy.

BA Film studies (2004 · University of Buenos Aires · AR). Photographer (2008 · AFPRA · AR).

Master in Studies of Sexual Difference (ongoing · Universitat de Barcelona · ES).

I have gone through different areas of work (script, production, aesthetical coordination) in television and audiovisual production areas (AR) (2003 – 2009). I also dedicate myself to the development of the graphic identity of my projects.

From this experience, I taught at the University, Superior and High School levels (Screenplay, Analytical History of Latin American Media, Multimedia Production, Audiovisual Media, Design and Photography) (AR) (2002 – 2015).




What I am devoted to

I generate photographic corpus (mostly documentaries and conceptual) in black and white, sometimes with the intervention of other techniques and supports (eg meditative drawing, writing).

Passionate about spaces and minimalist captures. My interests are broad, mainly linked to the human spiritual nature, healing and origins.
I document human connection stories; I basically immerse myself into emotional reports.

My work focuses mainly on highlighting two aspects of human existence: silenced social issues (specifically linked to women), and the details of the spaces that reveal some notion of infinity (transcendence).
Currently expanding horizons in documentary projects on migratory issues and the role of women in various areas of society.

I feel a special attraction for the processes of recovery, of the re-building of the self.
I am moved by vulnerability, and the potential force it contains as an expression of resilience.

Let’s make something together.

I travel abroad on commission.
Available for documentary, editorial & fine art projects.