Beginning I In the body

Beginning Serie II In the body. Radiographic support. Collage. Digital photography.

| 2015

Beginning is an attempt to explore the origins, a visual exploration crossing the past and the present.

They are looking for me in a place where I am not. I am me but I am not; I am the sum of all the others before me.
The illness is a symptom and the symptom, is memory.

Inhabited, I am me and I am all those who preceded me.
I am corporal memory, gesture and word. The illness, the cult and the silence of those.

I am taken over by names and surnames that belong from the beginning of times. I am all of them at once. I live in this year and I live in 1800. I am in Argentina and I am travelling through the Portuguese valleys, the cobblestones of Salamanca, the skies that go back to other times and other lands even further away, in time, in space.
So many beings live in my blood and I relive them, I bring them back. In my heart I am flooded with a fire of roots and wander that surpasses me.
And yet I feel my wings bigger than ever.
The thread that connects everything carries me and uses me. There is a sense of finitude mixed with the timelessness of transcendence. No one dies in the end.
The deepest emotion today is to observe that an immense chain of synchronicities has formed me. I exist thanks to this confluence of beings that are no longer here, that I have never met, and yet they exist through me.

We are all Origin.